luni, 13 martie 2017

See you on my new blog

Time has come to give up blogger and switch to wordpress.

I have been ”faithfull” to this platform since 2009, back when it was better suited for it`s times. It used to have the huge advantage of being completely free and, since it was Google`s child, it got indexed faster.

Although Google created the updates necessary with keeping Blogger afloat, it did so with just the bare minimum. Just a handfull of new templates, which once applied messed up your content.

Still blogger has the advantage of allowing complete html customization over it`s templates. Also you can set up Analytics and Search Console right from the get-go. But that`s about it.

Wordpress allows in-depth customization with html and CSS. It has an abundance of templates to choose from. The widgets are up to date and working fine. I also hope the indexing will do justice to Wordpress.

So see you over at MARELE DIMINUTIV and I`ll probably shut this down in a couple of weeks. Bye!