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sâmbătă, 11 februarie 2017

2017 Social Media Wishlist

After I`ve read WERSM`s article I decided to create my own wishlist. I wanted to included both features that I would find very useful on a professional level and features that would just be fun to use for regular users.


Detailed video metrics

I`ve talked about this in a previous post. Facebook doesn`t give you very much information on how well your video performed. Except for a 3 or 10 seconds completion rate count, you don`t get much info. It would be great if we had detailed insights like the ones YouTube provides.

 Unfriended section

We see them all the time. Those "find out who unfriended you" plugins, tools or tricks ads. I`m not really that curious, but I guess it would be a fun feature to have.

Hashtag statistics 

Instagram has great hashtag statistics previews and suggestions. Facebook doesn`t. Optimum usage of hashtags in Facebook is more of a guessing game. It would be very useful to have some sort of insights on this.


Link sharing

Although it`s the second most popular social network in Europe, Instagram is sticking to it`s "no link sharing" policy. It would be great if you could add an active link to your photos, to be able to direct users to your website.

Scheduling posts

It would be awesome to be able to schedule all you weekly or monthly posts in a single day, wouldn`t it? Oh well, Instagram is stubborn on this one too. Even the automation dashboards only give you reminders to post and don`t do the actual posting for you.

Share/repost button 

We have it in Facebook and Twitter but not on Instagram. Sadly, the developers said this feature won`t be added in an attempt to fight spam.


 Editing posts
Although not so popular in Romania, Twitter gives you more for less when it comes to user interaction. You get much more visibility through proper use of hashtags than on Facebook or Instagram. But if you screw up your tweet by just a letter or a semicolon you have to delete the whole thing. There is already talk about an edit function being added to Twitter, but for now you just have to be careful.

Link preview for all websites
Ever wondered why some tweeted links have a text and photo preview and others don`t? Well if you don`t have Twitter Cards markup embeded on your website you won`t get a preview. Facebook uses a special decoding tool wich generates previews for all links, but Twitter doesn`t.

Anyway, that`s my wishlist for 2017. What features would you like to see added to social media platforms this year?

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