miercuri, 15 februarie 2017

What does a cup of coffee get you on Facebook

It gets you one of the most important things you can have: information! What?! Regular insights aren`t enough?! No, not by a long shot.

See, regular insights on your Facebook page activity are limited to those few users who checked "see first" or the ones who randomly get you posts shoved down their newsfeed. In case you`re new to managing a Facebook page, you should know that things haven`t always been about paid advertising. Believe it or not, there was a time when organic reach was all you needed.

And then in 2014 Facebook started cracking down on irelevant content. The "scientists" decided there was simply too much content out there to be able to show it all to everyone. Simply put, Facebook began selectively showcasing only the best and most relevant content to it`s users.

What does that mean for your page? Let`s put it this way: if back in 2007 about 16% of your fans would see you posts, nowadays only about 2% to 6% see them. In other words, your content does not reach it`s full potential. You may have a page with 500.000 followers and get sub 100 interactions on your posts.

Now this is where paid advertising comes into place and that cup of coffee I was talking about. For the price of a coffee you can boost a certain post and get the information you`ve been missing all along.

There`s no need to spend a lot of money all at once on a certain campaign. Start small, boost it for a couple of days and start analyzing the numbers. See what`s the reach, in what time and how many interactions you get. Try that with 2 similar campaigns, targeting the same audience, with the same amount of money, in the same time frame and see wich one works better.

For a cup of coffee`s worth of boosting a post you can find out if the content is suited for that specific audience. If campaign A outperforms campaign B, you`ll have important information on wich to build better content.

If you want to learn more about how to deal with declining organic reach, check out this post on HubSpot.

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