miercuri, 22 iunie 2016

3 golden rules in online marketing

There are many, but only 3 are my golden rules:

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1. You can`t sell a product you don`t believe in!

It doesn`t matter if it`s a pair of shoes or a political candidate, you can`t properly market something you are not convinced is good for the consumer.

2. There`s a thin line between proper marketing and overdoing it.

You always have to consider what is the optimum amount of money, time and effort you should spend on each marketing campaign. There`s a chance you might be allocating too many resources for a campaign that is necessary, but wich doesn`t get you the ROI you expect.

3. Stay on top of the game.

Online marketing is a dynamic industry. In order to be able to market products at a competitive level you have to keep adjusting, adapting and learning each day. All the money in the world isn`t going to make a difference if you`re using outdated software or are lacking the proper knowledge.

P.S. Alway keep an open mind! The best ideas come from where you least expect it.

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